Alianti (2001) 55'
pocket opera

Soprano, Attrice, Clarinetto/Sax, contrabbasso, campionatore

World Premiere
Torino, Teatro Piccolo Regio
Silvia Testoni (soprano), Lucilla Giagnoni (attrice), Adriana Zamboni (pittrice), Marco Tardito (clarinetto), Saverio Miele (contrabbasso e basso elettrico), Nicola Campogrande (campionatore). Regia di Antonio Pizzicato.

Composer's Notes
Alianti (Gliders) is a chamber opera by italian composer Nicola Campogrande and librettist Dario Voltolini. It's about flying and the need to look at the world from high up above. In particular a need to look at the grid of a city.

You're going to listen to some music that comes from the classical tradition but is livened up by our sound landscape: some arias become songs, some sound from the old avant-garde experiences are merged with a peculiar use of the sampler and some very virtuoso gestures trespass on the jazz territory.

On stage there is a singer who uses different styles of singing, an actress who tells stories and whispers, a paintress who paints on nylon with water, a clarinettist who knows about the sound of the arrows, a doublebassist who covers himself with feathers and a sampler with a memory full of sound.

After an happy debut at Turin's Teatro Piccolo Regio on march 2001 and a 15-date tour, Alianti has been in Holland, in Germany, in England and in Italy again during 2002 spring.

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Alianti è prodotto dalla Associazione Musicale Contrattempo.

Some pictures from rehearsals