Preludi a getto d’inchiostro

Preludi a getto d'inchiostro | Ink-jet Preludes
version for 11 strings guitar

Christian Lavernier, 11 strings guitar

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  1. Adagio, liberamente
  2. Con leggera insistenza
  3. Stupendosi
  4. Respirando con libertà
  5. Disincantato
  6. Ombroso
  7. Investigando
  8. Rimbalzando
  9. Misterioso
  10. Sulle colline
  11. Seriamente
  12. Leggero

My twelve Inkjet Preludes were written in 2001 for guitar. After listening to the sound of La Soñada, in 2018 I decided to prepare a special version, which uses all the 11 strings of this extraordinary new instrument. The ambition of this series is to draw a world. It’s a postmodern world, where you can stop and observe architectural details of the past and flashes of the present, where you can hear references to classical forms rethought with disenchantment of joy. A world that I try to paint by allowing me very long working times and then distilling the result in pages that have the thrill of synthesis on them. If I were a computer, these Preludes would be my printer: a lot of work upstream, a single quick gesture to fill the sheet.
Nicola Campogrande

The Soñada is a unique 11-strings instrument. Made by the luthier Carlos González in 2016, it contains all the design knowledges from ancient, classical and modern instruments. Created under the influence of Christian Lavernier, to whom it has been dedicated by the luthier, the Soñada presents colours and sound dynamics that open up new creative paths, expanding the expressive horizon of stringed instruments.

May 27, 2019