Opera italiana (2009-2010)

Epopea di una nazione distratta
su libretto di Piero Bodrato

An opera celebrating the 150th anniversary of Italy’s unification, with an history spanning from the Sixties until the present.

Traditional opera singers (soprano, tenor, bass) are mixed with a male pop singer and an hybryd voice (contralto and jazz/pop singer). In parallel, among the 16 musicians of the ensemble there are also an electric bass player, an electric guitar one and a jazz pianist.


solo: sopr., contr./pop singer, ten.,
bar./pop singer, bass
fl(picc.). ob.cl.bn – hn.trp.tbn – perc (2) – e-guit – piano – 2vn.va.vc.cb(e-bs)


Duration 90′

Comitato Italia 150

Rent score nicola@inrete.it

February 20, 2009